Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can't Believe I Only Have A Few Weeks!

My Best Friend in the Mission, Elder Sirrine's last week!
Dear Family and Friends,
Words cannot begin to describe what it feels like to come to the end of a mission. Basically it’s like this, I want to come home, but at the same time I don’t. I mostly don’t wanna come home because of all the amazing experiences that I’ve had and all the amazing people that I’ve met in these last two years. Honestly its going to be a lot harder to say good-bye to the mission than it was for me to say goodbye to you all at the MTC (BTW that was a pretty trunky movie you had on a certain wall mom, probably shouldn’t be watching that kinda stuff--haha). But at the same time I’m ready to come home and be a normal person again. I’m super excited that I got into BYU and mom I’ll send you Elder Sirrine’s address so you can contact him. BTW he goes home tomorrow and I’m going to miss him a ton. He has been like one of my best friends for basically my whole mission. Oh and ya I’m definitely am not going to be dorm-ing on campus with a bunch of pre-mission freshman, so please look into the off-campus apartments. In the spring semester, I’m going to room with Elder Montierth—he gets home in March so I just need to find somewhere to live for the winter semester (maybe grandpa and grandma’s house hahahaha.)
So yes you can officially start to get trunky now and prepare for my arrival. I sent you my flight plans and it looks like I’ll be getting into Salt Lake around 7:00 pm, so I don’t know if that would give us time to get me released that night. Oh and Spencer you might as well move out of my room now. Oh and I hope nobody has messed with the boxes that I left because I know what’s in them!!!
So we had changes meeting today and I am going to end the mission in Tirrases and with Elder Pastrana. He is super chill, a little too chill, and he is also very loud and sometimes can be a little . . .  but hey it’s only 6 more weeks and then my next companion will be a hot wife (haha).
We are working with about 3 families still and so hopefully I can get at least one more baptism before I leave. What I’ve seen from my mission is that during the first year I baptized a bunch of people. The second year I think the Lord wanted to see how I would work even if I didn’t get to directly see the fruits of that work, because after I left Pococi and San Vito, we were teaching a bunch of people who eventually got baptized a few weeks or months after I left. Also with being a DL and a ZL, I have worked with a ton more people and so even though I haven’t personally baptized as many people as I did my first year, I feel as if I have work effectively and well.
So this is a short note cause I ain’t got too much time but I love you and I can’t wait to see you in 6 weeks or 41 days or 1000 hours – Ha ha! Oh and a girl (I mean a sister) that I went to Viewmont with just started the mission today. I didn’t really know her that well because she graduated a year before me, but she did have a couple of classes with me so that’s cool! WELL, LOVE YOU ALL!!! Elder Smith
P.S. Sorry Nick if this letter makes you think too much about home--just keep working and soon enough your time will come!