Monday, July 5, 2010

Lovin' My Area

Dear Everyone!
Wow I can't believe the 4th of July has already come and gone. Here in Costa Rica nobody celebrates the 4th of July so nothing happened. A few missionaries forgot that the 4th of July is even a Holiday. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, Julia I'm glad that you liked Eclipse, I'm still waiting to see New Moon Haha. Nick, I'm glad that you are enjoying working at Baileys, that was my favorite job and it's real fun to go on office moves. So a bunch of my friends are finally starting their missions. I'm so glad that I left as soon as possible because look, I have 7 months in the mission!
So guess who had changes today, not me. Hurray!!! I love my area, it's so cool. It's cold here, in fact I actually have to use a blanket or else I get a runny nose and a sore thoat. Also I'm very close to Heredia, which is basically like Salt Lake City and its about the same distance and it has restaurants and malls and all kinds of cool little stores. Also there is a store here called Price Smart which is the Latino version of Costo. It is exactly the same as Costo and even has the same brands. My companion and I bought membership cards and now we buy all our food there. I bought a 10 pound bag of pancakes, a bunch of meat for sandwiches (including bacon), and top ramen. Oh yeah it rocks and I don't have to eat rice and beans every meal.
So we spent this week going out to parts of our area that are a little bit farther away and we have been knocking doors. Not too much luck but we are working hard. Other than that not much else has happened this week.
So this week the branch president from my area is going to be in Utah and I think he is going to be very close to Centerville. I'm going to give his wife our number and address so that if you want to send anything he can bring it back to Costa Rica. Also his wife is going to give me his number and then tomorrow I can send you a quick email so that you can call him. He speaks English. I was thinking that if you wanted to you could send my other suit because it would be nice to have two--dry cleaning is insanely expensive (15 bucks).
So yeah, I'm super excited that I have another 6 weeks to work in San Rafael and I hope you all have an awesome week. Love Elder Smith