Monday, June 28, 2010

Cinco Bautismos!

James, Hanz, Francini, Lidieth, Suyen, Elder Smith, Elder Vallejo, Hermano Conejo, Sergio, Presidente Sanchez
Hello Everyone! This week has been really awesome! Yesterday we had 5 baptisms!!! So we baptized Hanz and his wife Francini and the mother and sister of Hanz, Lidieth and Suyen. It was really cool because we have been working with this family for about 2 months and when we first started teaching them only Hanz wanted to get baptized, but then the other members of the family started listening to us and they all made the decisions to get baptized. It took a lot of work on our part and theirs to be ready, but we all did it and it was a way awesome experience. So our branch president baptized Hanz and Francini, my companion baptized Lidieth, the mom, and I baptized Suyen, the sister. It was way cool!
Our other baptizm was Sergio. He was a reference from a member in our ward and we have only been working with him for about a month. It was a little harder to teach him because he is a timid person and he forgets things easily. But he is super cool and after we taught the word of wisdom he immediatly stopped drinking coffee. The member who gave us the reference, Hermano Conejo, baptized him. So yesterday there were 9 people dressed in white and it was super cool. Also I did the confirmation of Lidieth and that was super awesome too. Its the first confirmation that I've ever done.
So yeah, this week was super awesome! Also we are working with a couple, Jose and Melania, they are super cool and we have been teaching them for awhile now and the only thing they need to do is get married. Jose wants to get married but Melania had some bad experiences in her last marriage. So we went to their house and only Jose was home so we asked him if he really wants to get married to Melania and he said "yes". Then we told him that he needs to start showing her that he really loves her. We gave him some good pointers of what he could do, like buy her flowers or chocolates, ask her how her day was or just tell her "you love her" everyday. Jose told us that Melania wouldn't like any of that stuff and then my comp was like, "Are you telling me that a girl wouldn't love getting a rose?" and Jose said, "I don't think girls like that stuff anymore". At that moment a girl walked passed the house, we were sitting outside, and my comp stopped her and asked her if she would like it if someone gave her a rose. She said, "I think every girl in the world would like it if someone gave her a rose". It was funny and Jose said he would do something to show Melania that he loves her.
So its awesome to hear that you all had fun at trek and that Spencer had fun at EFY! I love you all. Elder Smith P.S. I find out if I have changes on Friday.