Monday, June 20, 2011

P-day at the Beach

Me and Elder Sirrine -- I like this photo!
Dear Family,
There is so much that I want to write you, but I have such little time. Thank you all for your letters I will print them off and read them tonight. So today was the funnest p-day activity that I have had in the mission. We went to the beach and it was AWESOME!!! I am uploading pics right now!!!! 
The work in the branch is going well. We are working with a bunch of less active members to try and get them reactivated again. We had an activity on Saturday for Fathers Day and suprisingly a bunch of people showed so that was nice. Also we are trying to find new families to teach every day and this week we found a couple of new families so we will see how they progress. 
I am pretty sure that Sundays are going to be the busiest days for the next little while, because I am basically in charge of everything. Yesterday I gave a talk in church, about Faith in Christ. I taught the Sunday School class to the youth and I also taught Priesthood. So I was pretty busy all during church. Oh and we had an attendance of 16 which is an improvment from last week! 
I am sorry that I don't have more time to write--it's just that we missed the last bus that goes to our area and so we are stuck here in Ciudad Neily with the ZLs and we have to sleep in their house tonight and borrow some of their clothes because tomorrow we have a meeting with President Galvez. So at least you can look at the pictures that I put up. Oh and the C. Funds were used to help an investigator that we have named Geraldo. He needed 40 bucks to take out and send some documents to a lawyer in San Jose. He had an accident in his work and the insurance company won't pay him. But he is going to pay me back within 3 weeks and he is also going to read the Book of Mormon and come to church. That was part of our deal.
Well I love you all and btw HAPPY FATHERS DAY YESTERDAY! Too bad I couldn't be there to enjoy the nice food you all had but hey, we roasted hot dogs today!!!  Love Elder Smith