Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Ward in Los Yoses

Sad to say GOOD-BYE to my San Vito Elders!

Dear Everyone,
Hey its good to hear that you all had a good week. Julia keep up the good work in volleyball. Spencer have fun at your dance activity and keep up the good work in Cross Country. So basically I love my new area and ward. I went from the smallest branch in the whole entire country to one of the largest wards in the whole country. I'm in the Los Yoses ward, which was actually the very first ward in the whole country so that's pretty cool. Also our ward is split into two areas. My comp and I are in Tirrases, which is like the ghetto part of the ward and the APs, which include Elder Sangster are in the nicer part of the ward. I love my area even though its pretty dangerous, apparently people get killed or assaulted every day, but don't worry mom, nothing every happens to us because the people know that we only carry books and phamplets. I think the best thing is that I can finally work again with ward leaders and our ward mission leader. Yesterday church was awesome because I just got to show up and listen. We also had some investigators come which was really cool too. 
Right now we are teaching some pretty cool families. Luis Diego and Mayela are probably the best family that we are teaching. They also have two kids Paola and Diego who are awesome and are starting to memorize scriptures. Luis just needs to finalize his divorce and then he can get married and then they can get baptized. Also Luis works for an ice cream company and so he gives us free gallon tubs of ice cream, which is awesome because a gallon of ice cream down here costs like 12 bucks. So another good thing about being in San Jose is that we can take the families we are teaching to the temple so they can see it and feed the awesome spirit that is there so we will be planning that with the families we are teaching and will be going in the next few weeks. So yeah, everything is going good and I will write more about what we are doing next week, because I don't have a lot of time today. So I love you all!
Love Elder Smith