Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Transferred to Zona Los Yoses

This is the farthest distance from the mission home in San Jose a missionary can get!
Dear family,
Hey so I don’t have much time to write today. So I had changes and it was a little sad to leave San Vito, because I liked it a lot and I am going to miss the people. Also, it was a freaking awesome zone and I am going to miss working with the missionaries down in the Zona Sur. So now I am in my new and hopefully last area Tirrases. Its like 15 minutes from San Jose center (too bad I wasn’t here when Julia came). So I am in the Zona Los Yoses and I am district leader again. Actually the APs and the secretaries are in my district so it should be interesting to work with them. Oh and as you can see from the subject line Elder Sangster has to buy me a cheescake now, because he just went AP!!
Like a year ago when he was my zone leader we made a bet that if he went AP that he would have to buy me a cheesecake and if he didn’t then I would have to buy him one. 
My new companion is Elder Pastrana. He is from Honduras and had about a year in the mission. He could be the missionary that I end the mission with, which is weird to think about. Oh and the cool thing is that now that I am so close to the center I can buy souvenirs for everyone. So tell me what you want I can get it. I hope I don’t have changes again because I don’t want to have to pack and move again—my suitcases are near the breaking point, well at least the wheels are near the breaking point. 
Also I am going from one extreme to another. San Vito is one of the lowest branch attendance-wise and stuff like that and now the ward I am in right now one of the biggest in Costa Rica. Also there are tons of members and so it will be nice to be able to work with them again. 
Well I love you all and I can’t wait to see ya in 12 weeks. How short is that!!!!!! Oh and I don’t know if you guys remember my companion, Elder Vallejo, well he finished the mission today! Love Elder Smith