Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8th Report

Our Arrival in Costa Rica!!

Hello Everyone, This week has been ok I'm starting to understand Spanish a little bit better. So on Tuesday I had disctrict meeting with the District leader Elder Hansen and his comp and another companionship. We also got paid for the month. We get about 20,0000 colones a month which is about $400. We have to pay for the apartment, the lady who does our laundry, and the lady who cooks for us. The rest is for food, the bus and other stuff I need. I haven't been eating a lot a food. Just the food that our cook makes for us and for breakfast I have a slimfast shake and fruit. Im starting to lose weight and can fit into my jeans again. Hurray!!!!
On Tuesday we also contacted a couple of refrences. One of them is named Yamilet and she has been accepting everything we have taught her. When we went back to her the second time and asked her if she prayed to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet she said she had. When we asked her if she recieved an answer to her prayer she said that she had a dream that was very similar to the dream that Lehi had about the rod of iron and the tree of life. We explained what the dream meant and it was really cool. The only thing she needs to do is get married to her boyfriend and then she can get baptized. That night we went with the ward mission leader, Hermano Douglas, to the recent convert Hermana Karla and had FHE with her.
Wednesday was kind of a sucky day cause a family we have been teaching kinda quit on us. They really liked what we have been teaching them especially the Plan of Salvation because two of their kids have died--one was a baby so they liked the scriptures in Moroni 8. The problem is they are heavy smokers and coffee drinkers. When we told them they needed to stop at first they said that they would and we said that we would help them out. Well, when we went back they said the things we are asking them to do are too hard and they won't let us teach them anymore.
Thursday was a pretty good day. We bought a new phone because our old one broke. We also ran into Juan Andres. We had taught him and his wife the Plan of Salvation and they really liked what we taught them. Well, we forgot where they lived and so we've been looking for their house for two weeks. Luckily we ran into Juan and he was really excited to see us so we set up another appointment with them. Not very much happened the rest of the week...we had lots of appointments and we've been working on reactivating the less-active members. Elder Zavala and I are doing awesome! I love you all and stay safe. Love Elder Smith