Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1st Report

My 1st companion, Elder Zavala, Hermana Carla, and Me!
Dear Everybody, Hurray another week has gone by and it is now P Day! So I still suck at Spanish. Usually during a lesson I say my part and then just sit in silence. This week we visited a member who is American and has been living in Costa Rica for three years. He said that its really hard to understand Ticos, thats what Costa Ricans call themselves, he said its hard to understand them cause they slur a lot of their words and use a lot of slang. Haha! Other than that this week has been pretty good. First I´ll answer your questions.

Food. The food here is pretty good. Usually for breakfast I have something small like fruit or yogurt. For lunch we go to Hermana Ziada´s and she cooks for us. Usually its some kind of rice, potatoes, soup, veggies, meat. Ya its pretty good. Then for dinner we go to a Pulparia and get something small. Pulparias are small little shops that are everywhere. Like there is at least one on every street.

Apartment. The apartment is super small. There is a room to study in, a kitchen, a bedroom and another small room. Lots of the houses here are super small and super ghetto. We either walk or we take the bus. We take the bus a lot cause our area is pretty big. Yes I´m getting along with my comp. He is from Honduras and he only has 4 weeks left until he goes home. Luckily he isn´t trunky. He´s also trying to learn English so he can go to BYU after the mission. Can´t wait til I only have 4 weeks left. The weather is ok. It´s not as hot in the city as it is in the jungle. I´m starting to get a tan and I have a watch tan. Haha! This week it´s been pretty windy which is nice cause it´s not as hot.

The best experience I had this week was watching a hermana get baptized. Her name is Karla and she was already set to be baptized by the time I got here so I didn´t do anything but it was cool to see her get baptized. The worst experience I had this week is that same experience I have every day. I don´t understand Spanish and it sucks hardcore!

Church is pretty cool. The church building is pretty small and only about 35 members came yesterday. And yes I did play the piano. A hermana asked if I could and I didn´t want to lie. Luckily they have a book of simplified hymns so I just played those. Also Costa Ricans and Latinos in general cant sing at all. It´s awefull listining to them during church. Haha it makes our ward sound like the Mormon Tab. Choir Haha!

In my district there are 4 missionaries. Elder Hansen, the district leader, his comp. Elder Recinos, who is also a newbie but he´s from El Salvador so he speaks Spanish. Then there´s Elder Zavala and I. We don´t really work with them that much cause their area is like 30 minutes away. But they helped teach a lesson with us this week.

Yes I exercise. There is a gym by our house and we go there almost every morning. So the member here are freakin' awesome. We have been working with the ward mission leader a lot. He is feaking funny! He is the Costa Rican version of Brother Fraughton. Haha! So I hope you all have an awesome week. Stay Safe. Especially Nick cause he´s accident prone Haha! Love Elder Smith

P.S. Hey Nick see if they have my picture up in the seminary building on that wall with all the missionaries. If they don´t, get one up there.