Monday, February 22, 2010

Three Month Mark!

Hello Everyone! This week has flown by super super fast! It has been really windy and has rained a little bit. The rain here is more like a mist kinda like in the vegetable section of the grocery store. This is also my last week with Elder Zavala. I´m super sad because he is super tuanis and is a super awesome missionary.
Tuesday we had district meeting and then had Blitz which is where all the missionaries in a disctrict go to one area and knock doors for a few hours. This month everyone came to our area and we got about 6 refrences. Also we visited with our recent convert, Carla and her mother. Her mother is very old and is an atheist, but she is going to let us start teaching her. Then we went to the Velasque family. They are members and the mother is about to have a baby in a week or two. They are super super awesome and always feed us really good.
Wednesday we walked a ton. We walked to one end of town to an appointment and they weren't home. Then we walked to the other side of town to meet a lady who we have already taught the Restoration to and she wasn't home either. Then we walked all the way down the train tracks to visit a less active member and she had to reschedule with us. And then we took a bus to another less active family. They were all sick but they fed us cookies and chocolate milk. So we walked a ton.
Thursday I hit my 3 month mark. Hurray! We went to visit Hermano Enrique who is a member. We were visiting with him and two other ladies came to his house. I guess they come over every week and pray with him. The members here who were Catholic have a hard time not making their prayers long and showy. It's a problem that we are working on fixing. So these ladies came over and first they all said their own prayers and then Hermano Enrique prayed for like 30 minutes.
Friday my companion wrote his final report so he spent most of the afternoon doing that. Then we went to a member's house and they fed us Chicken Cordon Blue. I didn't get to eat 7 of them but it was still very good.
Saturday we taught an American lady the Restoration lesson. She is friends with our recent convert. She is from California and lived in Idaho for 10 years and was married to an LDS man but he died. She claims that she was baptized but I don't think she was because she doesn't remember anything about Joseph Smith or the Restoration. I also helped a member translate a project he is working on from Spanish to English. He is working to become an English teacher and speaks the language very well. Then we had FHE with a less active family and watched the Restoration video. After the video, we gave the mom and daughter blessings. The daughter is going to be having a baby very soon.
Sunday we got a new Bishop, Michael BolaƱos. Also we are going to be working with a missionary who returned home because of health reasons. He is going to work with us everyday this week.
Monday (today) all the new missionaries went to San Jose for a visit with the President. So I got to see all the Elders from my MTC district. It was AWESOME and they are doing really well. It was super cool to hear all their stories. I weighed myself today and have lost 15 pounds in the past 5 weeks!
Well I hope you all have an awesome week! I Love You All! Love Elder Smith

P.S. I recieved the package from Grandma today. Thank you! I´ve received a couple letters from Dear Elder but no hand written ones. If you email me every week that will be just fine. Also I took out about 30 bucks from the bank for emergencies. I hide all my money in Jesus The Christ. Haha! Also I bought a 4GB flash drive to backup my pictures. I'm going to try and find some more cheap ones. Or maybe you could send one in a package. Also I'm going to upload more pics on that good web album thing today.