Monday, September 20, 2010

Celebrating 10 Years in the Field!

Happy Birthday Elder King!
Dear Everyone, Hope you all had a good week. This week I hit 10 months in the mission. Yay! In two more months I will have a year and then its only downhill from there. I honestly never thought that I would have a year in the mission, but time is flying by super fast. There is only a week and a half left in this change. I think Elder King is going to have changes which will be sad because he is definitely the coolest missionary in Costa Rica and he has been my favorite companion. I don't think there has been a day where we haven't laughed our heads off.
So this week, not much has happened. On Tuesday and Wednesday I did divisions with an Elder named Rodriguez. He  came to our area while my comp. was in Hatillos with Elder Malen. It was a long two days because this Elder Rodriguez is a little different and I basically had to teach the whole time during the lessons we had for those days. I was very excited when Elder King came back.
So Thursday was Elder King's 21st birthday. We celebrated by buying food and we also bought these chocolate bunt cakes that are soooooo good. One of the members also made him a cake and we had a little party at their house. Elder King also hit 21 months in the mission the next day. That's pretty crazy because I remember meeting him my first day in Costa Rica. It's crazy how fast time flies.
This past Saturday we had the wedding of Pablo and Flory. They were going to do it next Saturday, but they suprised us and decided to get married this week. They had a small wedding with a few family and friends, but it was really awesome and they even had a buffet style meal afterwards. It was really fun! Flory is going to baptized on Saturday and I'm really excited about that . . .We are still working with German and he is progressing. He is working on quiting smoking and is reading the Book of Mormon. We also started teaching his mom which is really good. The only problem is that German works at McDonalds and he has to work on Sundays a lot. He is looking for a new job--if he finds one, that will be good.
Well I hope you all have an amazing week. One more week and we will be in October--my second favorite month of the year. Love Elder Smith