Monday, September 27, 2010

Stake President Saves a Life

Elder King, Bishop, Flory, and Elder Smith, September 2010
Dear Everyone,
Hope you all had a good week. Thank you for the pictures, it´s really cool to see how everyone has grown. You all still have a year before the "ipod for a 6 pack game" ends. When Spencer got of the plane at the Jamboree was Julia crying? Haha Can't wait to see how much you cry once I get of the plane. Also Mom, it will be easier to send a package the way you have done it in the past because I´m actually pretty close to the mission office so I can go pick it up on a P-day. Also send it through the US postal service because my comp. is having touble getting his package that was sent through fedex.
So this week was really awesome because we had the baptism of Flory. Yay!!! It was super cool and she is such a cool person. Another thing that was cool was a family friend of Pablo, who is Flory´s husband, came. They assist a Christian church and are not very happy with some of the things that are going on. Well Pablo talked with them a little bit about the church and they really love how we are very focused on the families. At the baptism during the talks there was some emphasis on the family and also when a couple people shared their testimonies, they talked about famlies. So we are probably going to start teaching them and we will see what happens. 
So yesterday in church was crazy. Well the stake presidency came today and the Stake President Esperanza was going to talk. Well, after the sacrament an Hermano got up and gave a talk. Right in the middle of his talk he closed his eyes and said, "I'm sorry, but I have to stop." Then he paused for a couple seconds and then he said, "I need to stop cause my pressure just went down." Then he paused again and was about to fall over, but President Ezperansa caught him. Well all the people on the stand got up and helped him to the ground. Then a couple members got up and closed the curtains that are in the front, but before they closed all the way we heard a big thud and Elder King saw Pres. punch the guy right in the chest. Then a couple min. later they took him to the car and drove him to the hospital. Well what had happened was that the Hermano´s heart had stopped and President Ezperansa is a really famous cardiologist here in Costa Rica. Well when he punched him in the chest that started his heart back up and if he had not been there, than the Hermano would have died because nobody else would have known what to do. So it was a miracle that the Stake President was there and one of the members got up and said that President Ezperansa didn't come here to give a talk, he came to save a life. Well the Heramno is alright now so that's good.
Well other than that not much has happened this week. Tonight we find out who has changes and I think my companion is going to have changes which won't be great. This has definitely been the best 6 weeks of the mission. Also I'm super excited for General Conference this weekend. Yay!!! Three day vacation!! Haha! Have an awesome week!!!! Love Elder Smith