Monday, October 18, 2010

Reached 11 Month Marker

Dear Family and Friends and others who may read this,
Yay! I cant belive how fast 11 months go by. When I think about it, they have really gone by super fast and everthing is a big blur. I looked at the clock at 10:00 this morning and I thought to myself that 11 months ago from this exact moment I was in Provo getting ready to enter the MTC. The past 11 months have gone by so fast and I´m told that after you hit the year mark it will go even faster which is kinda scary cuase I´m not ready to go back home. Still got a lot of things that I want to do and luckily I´ve got a year to do it. I also cant believe its been a year since I went through the temple, feels like it was yesterday.
So this week was really good because we had the baptisms of Scarlth and Cristopher! It was really awesome, but a little stressfull to plan the baptism. The responsibilities of being senior companion and district leader are a little more stressfull than I thought they would be. The baptism was very good though and a lot of people showed up, which was a good thing. So thats basically all the big stuff that happend this week.
Ha ha on Wednesday we had a meeting with the ZL´s and when we were coming home my companion sat behind me in the bus. Well when we got to our stop I got off the bus and walked to the sidewalk. Well when I turned around I saw the bus leaving, but guess who was no where in sight, my comp! Haha it was an awkward expirience, cuase I haven´t been on my own for 11 months. I wasnt too worried though cause I figured my comp. had fallen asleep on the bus and didnt see me get up. So I walked to the house to wait for him and if he didnt show up in 30 min. I was going to call Pres. Luckily he showed up like 10 min. later and it felt wierd being alone for that 10 min. I´m sure its going to be super wierd being alone after the mission and I´m sure that I´ll be really weird. So that was my exciting expirience that happend this week.
So last week I went on divisions with one of the AP´s, just for the day. His name is Elder Centeno and he is from Panama. I told him that I have a cousing that served a mission in Panama and lives there now. He kinda freaked out a little cuase there was an Elder Smith who served in his ward and was good friends with his family. He is pretty sure that it is Adam so if you guys want to ask him if remembers the Centeno Family.
Also there is a member in my ward, Bishop Jimenez, he was one of the first missionaries in Costa Rica and he wrote  the history of the Costa Rican mission, but he has no money to publish it. I told him about Brother Mortensen and how he did the same thing with The Dominican Republic. Bishop Jimenez asked me if I could get a copy of the book cause he would love to read it. So maybe you could send a couple copies of it. Bishop Jimenez speaks english, but he said he would like it in Spanish if there are copies in Spanish. So tell me next week if you can send it.  So I hope you all have an awesome week! Love Elder Smith P.S. Only 11 days till my birthday and then only 3 more weeks till I hit a year in the mission. Yay!!!