Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Much to Write About!

Enjoying P-day in Costa Rica!
Dear Everyone,
Hey so I hope you all had a good week!!! Nick--study Chinese cause Spanish was pretty hard to learn and Chinese is like a billion times harder so the more practice you get now will make it so much easier in the MTC and in the field! Spencer--that is a super sick drawing!!! You should do one of me playing lax!!! Hey I hope your leg gets better so you can play!!! Julia--I heard that you have started a countdown for me, well starting on March 26th I am going to start reading a chapter a day in the Book of Mormon and by the time I finish, I will be home!!!! Also send me a list of the places you are going to visit here in Costa Rica and I’ll see what I can do!!!!! Landon-- keep having fun in your school and playing with your friends!!!! Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa--I got the packages!!!! Thank you so much, especially for the Double Stuffed Oreos, I am going to eat them all tonight and then start my getting in shape workouts!!!!!!!
So this week was super good and there was a bunch of things that I wanted to write about, but with everything that goes on, it's super easy to forget!! Well this week I finished reading The Book of Mormon again in Spanish!!!! It's super crazy, thinking that a year ago I was reading in Spanish, but like every other word I was looking it up in the dictionary and now I can just read and focus on learning the gospel!!! My testimony for The Book of Mormon has grown so much and I know that it is true!!!! So now I am going to read it again but with the seminary manual!!!
So yes this week we had 3 baptisms!!! The familia Villalobos, Jose, Marielos, and Esteban got baptized and it was super awesome!! This family is really converted and even though they had some struggles they are super happy and the baptismal service was such a spiritual experience!!! The members in the ward have helped out so much and a bunch of people came to support this familia's decision!
Well today we had changes and my new companion is Elder Vasquez!!!! He is from Mexico (yeah! that makes two companions from Mexico), and he was actually my zone leader when I was in Alajeula about a year ago!! He is super cool and I'm excited to work with him!! The zone is doing super good with the three baptism here, we now have 13 which means we only need 3 more to reach the goal and on March 26, my area is going to baptize another lady! Her name is Alejandra and her husband is a less active member who we have reactivated and they are going to get married on Sunday and she will be baptized the following week!!!!! Also my MTC comp. Elder Duncan is now a zone leader. That means that from my group me, Duncan, Sangster, Romney, and Whittier are all zone leaders and Elder Johnson is a district leader and training so he will be zone leader soon and Elder Brazington is now senior comp and doing well!!! 
Well I'm just finding out that all the workout vids you sent are in a Quicktime video format and won't sink to my iPod, but don't worry I have a video converter so we should be good, it just might take me a couple weeks to convert all the vids!!!! Thanks for all your love, support and prayers! I am really thankful for all of you in my life and I'm glad that mom now has an emotional attachment to rap music that makes her cry!!! Ha Ha Well I hope you all have an awesome week!! And I love you all!!! Love Elder Smith