Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Return Date is Set!

I'm not trunky . . . I just like to count!
Dear Everybody,
So I think the biggest news for this week is that my plane tickets have now been bought! The office secretary called my on Monday and said that he was buying them right then. So its official that I will be coming home on the 22nd of November which is so awesome. That means I will have plenty of time to get released and enjoy Thanksgiving Day--I am so excited!!
This week, Elder Cope had changes and is now in Siquirres, which was part of my zone in Guapiles. My new companion is Elder Cabrera from El Salvador. He has 10 months in the mission and Elder Romney was his trainer so you know he is good! So right now we are just waiting for our bus and it will take about 6 hours to get back to San Vito. Also the other really awesome news is that I am no longer District Leader. Since I was out of my area a ton last change doing divisions, President thought it would be better if I could focus more on my Branch and so now Elder Sirrine is the DL and he is also training this sweet Elder from Mexico who is friends with Elder Gomez, my Mexican companion. This is an awesome change because now when I get home at night I just have to call Sirrine, plan, write in my journal, and then work out--BTW with P90X I’m starting to lose weight and get my muscle back, because I got to be good looking when I get home (ha ha).
Things in the Branch are Mas or Menos. With this change we are going to focus a ton on the menos activos. So I don’t have a lot of time to write but I may write some more tomorrow. Love you all and please stay safe. Oh and BTW I hit 20 months this Monday--pretty cool huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Elder Smith