Monday, July 25, 2011

Dear Family,
Hey everyone how’s it going? Julia Happy Birthday!!!!!! You are now 15, only one more year ‘til you can date and drive!!!!!! I’m glad to hear that Nick is going to be out in the field this week!!!!! It’s going to be an adventure that you are never going to forget!!!!! Spencer don’t spend all you money on food, cause that’s the one thing I regret doing is spending all my money on food!!!!! Landon keep enjoying your summer vacation, because you only have one month left. Mom I hope the exercising is going well. Dad, I know you told me to do this a really long time ago, but it kept slipping my mind, but I finally got letters off to Grandpa Smith and Sister Holt, hopefully they get them! Oh and about the C-funds, a bunch of it was used on those crazy 4 day divisions that I went on. The good thing is that Luis, the guy we were looking for, is going to be getting married and baptized in the next month and Elder Sirrine was telling me last night that they are a super awesome family and they are progressing in the gospel!!!
So the first half of this week was spent traveling to San Jose and then coming back to San Vito!!!! Now that I’m not district leader I have so much more time and I’m a lot less stressed!! My new companion, Elder Cabrera, is super awesome. He has lots of desire to help the branch and is also keeping me animated to work hard every day. One thing that we are going to be doing is going through the entire list of members to see who still lives here in San Vito and who has left. And all the less actives who will let us visit them, we are going to basically treat them as investigators and teach them from the beginning. 
Yesterday in church was super awesome, because we broke the attendance record. 24 people came to church and that is the most we have had in a few months, which is super awesome. Also 2 investigators, Gerardina and Adrian, came to church with us for the second time. Which is also really awesome and we are going to put a baptismal date with them for this coming month.
So basically not much else has happened. In my scripture study I just finished the Isaiah chapters in second Nephi, so I can start enjoying the Book of Mormon again hahaha! No, but I did get a book from the mission house that goes through and explains those chapters so that it’s easier to understand, because its hard, especially in Spanish, to understand them.
So I love you all and Nick I hope you have a safe flight to Taiwan. BTW what time zone is your mission in???????????? Love Elder Smith