Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mission President Welcome

Dear Elder Smith,

Welcome! We are happy to hear that you were called to serve with us here in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission and feel lucky to have the chance to serve with you. We are grateful for your efforts to keep yourself worthy and for your willingness to join with us in this beautiful work. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival, so that we can meet you and begin your mission service. Our missionaries are young, happy, and successful because they strive to be humble, obedient, lose themselves in blessing the lives of their investigators, and because they constantly try to be diligent and apply what our Savior taught us in their own lives. If you put your faith into practice by hard and sincere work, I can promise you that you will see miracles and find and discover joy and satisfaction that you have never yet experienced. In this way the Lord will bless your life and the lives of many other people that he has and is preparing to listen and receives the message of the Restoration of His gospel in these latter days. When you arrive here in Costa Rica, after your service in the MTC, we will have the opportunity to give you more specific instructions concerning the records, finances, correspondences, immigration points and resolve any other questions or concerns that you might have, so that nothing will interrupt or interfere as you begin your time as a servant and instrument in the hands of our Lord.


Sam M. Galvez
Mission President