Monday, November 30, 2009

MTC: Week #2

I can't belive I've been in the MTC for almost two whole weeks. I only have 102 weeks left--Hurray!!! So time here in the MTC is messed up. It feels like I've been here for months but at the same time it all feels like a quick blur! So this week has been pretty awesome! On Tuesday Elder Oaks came and spoke to us and that was pretty cool. Unfortunatly there wasn't any room in the gym so we had to go to a different building and watch the devotional on a projector.

On Wednesday I went to the TRC building which is where my companion and I got to teach the first lesson to someone who pretended to be an investigator. It went really well and I had a lot of fun! Thusday was Thanksgiving and I really wanted to be there with all of you but oh well, I'll only be gone for one more Thanksgiving. In the morning Elder Holland came and spoke to us and answered questions that missionaries had submitted. It was really awesome. When I'm done here in the MTC I'll send home my "Devotional" journal and you can look at it.

After Elder Holland spoke, we had Thanksgiving Dinner for lunch. It was pretty good but probably not as good as what the rest of you had. Then we put together first aids kits which the church will send out when people need them. I think there was a total of 8,000 kits made. Later that night there was a talent show and missionaries had the chance to say what their grateful for and bear their testimony.

On Friday my district and I went to the Referral Center where I called potential investigators to confirm if they had recieved materials they had ordered from the church and ask if they had any questions. Only two people answered my calls and they hung up on me and I got anwering machines on the rest of them. So I got a little bit of a cold on Saturday and I felt like ill all day long but it's pretty much gone now.

On Sunday for lunch they had chicken cordon bleu and it was amazing! I had three servings cause it was so amazing! Sunday night a leader from the missionary department talked to us and after that we watched the new Joseph Smith movie. It was very good! So this week was a pretty good week.

The Spanish is coming along pretty good but it's going to get better. I love you all and you better all stay safe! Hope I get lots more letters cause I think I've gotten the most letters and packages out of my District! Haha! Well again I love you all.