Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MTC: Week #1

Hello Everyone,

I must type fast cause I have 25 minutes left to do this. Mom I will answer all of your questions in this letter. First my companion's name is Elder Travis Duncan. He is from San Diego California and he is going to Costa Rica also. He is pretty cool! I have 10 Elders in my district and no Sisters. Elder Holbrook, he is the district leader,Elder Lafrance, Elder Sangster, Elder Romney, Elder Whitier, Elder Bever, Elder Johnson, and Elder Brazington.

Elder Holbrook, Lafance and Bever are going to El Salvador and the rest of us are going to Costa Rica. My teachers are awesome. They are Hermano Ames and Hermana Shiley. Hermano Ames served in Carlsbad California and knows Chris Mortenson.
The food is good. I definately over hyped it. Surprisingly I don't eat that much. I don't go back for seconds. I still drink a lot of milk. Haha! Here is my average daily schedule:

6:30 Wake up
7:00 Personal Study
8:15 Breakfast
8:45 Companion Study and Class Instruction
1:00 Lunch
1:45 Class Instruction
6:00 Dinner
6:45 Gym
8:05 Class Instruction
9:00 Daily Planning
9:30 Get Ready for bed
10:30 Lights out

My P-Day is Monday and we go to the temple around 9:00. Today I did an endowment session and it was awesome!

The First 2 days of the MTC were horrible. Being in a new enviornment, being with someone new all day, being in class all day, and missing all of you really made it hard. But from the third day on it has been a lot easier and....FUN!!!

I will get my vaccinations when they send me a notice. I dont know when that will be though.

On the first day here the MTC presidents spoke to us. And then Sunday Night Stephen B. Allen who is the mamaging director of the Missionary Dept. spoke to us. It was a good fireside and then after we got to watch Legacy. I was excited when I learned we got to watch movies on sunday night. Haha!

I love you all and please stay safe!

Elder Smith