Monday, December 21, 2009

MTC: Week #5

Standing in front of Provo Temple (l to r): Elder Holbrook, Elder Brazington, Elder Johnson, Elder Romney, Elder Sangster, Elder Lafrance, Elder Bever, Elder Whittier, Elder Smith (me), and Elder Duncan (my comp.)

Another week has come and gone and suprisingly it went by really fast--also I'm more than half way done with my stay in the MTC. Hurray!!! 5 weeks down only 99 more to go.

So I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that there are only a couple days till Christmas!! The bad news is that two people from my zone went home this week. The first was an Elder who
I guess had some personal issues that he didn't resolve before he came out here. Then the next day, a Sister from the same district left for home. That district has lost a total of three missionaries in the past four weeks. Another Sister Missonary went home to marry her boyfriend. So ya, it was kinda a rough week for that district.

I'd like to tell you more about the Elders in my district:

ELDER SMITH and ELDER DUNCAN: I'm amazing and Elder Duncan is amazing. First he is related to Cove Reber of Saosin and he is also an All-American water polo player and is an amazing swimmer. He is from Vista California.

ELDER HOLBROOK AND LAFRANCE: Elder Holbrook was the district leader and is now the zone leader along with Elder Lafrance. Elder Holbrook is 23 and went to BYU before coming out here. He is studying to be a dentist and also loves dance( ballet and modern) He is from Spokan Washigton. Elder Lafrance is a way good story teller and is super funny. He is from Pennsylvania and just graduated high school this year.

ELDER WHITTIER AND BEVER: Elder Whittier is 21 and is from Morgan Utah. He loves to ski. Elder Bever is from Oregon and went to BYU last year. He took Spanish in high school so he is way good at speaking the language.

ELDER SANGSTER AND ROMNEY: Elder Sangster is from Montana and went to state in tennis doubles this past year. Elder Romney is from Mesa, Arizona and played basketball and baseball in high school this past and was all-state in baseball. And yes, he is related to Mitt Romney.

ELDER JOHNSON AND BRAZINGTON: Elder Johnson is from Kanab, UT and played football and baseball in high school. His baseball team took state this past year. Elder Brazington played football all through high school. He is pretty shy but is still cool.

Thank you for all the packages and letters. Write more. I LOVE YOU ALL and stay safe and have a Merry Christmas! Love Elder Smith