Monday, December 7, 2009

MTC: Week #3

This week has gone by really fast! It seems like I just wrote you a couple days ago. This week has been really good. I memorized the First Vision in Spanish and I have been reading from Jesus The Christ and am almost finished with it.

I want to answer the questions you asked me. My roomates names are Eric Christensen from Midland, Texas and Ammon Johnston from Provo, Utah. They are going to Sacramento California.

During gym time I have been running a lot and lifting a little bit. I play lots of basketball and 4-square. And every night I do pushups and situps.

Sacrament meetings are good. We are assigned a topic each week and have to write a 3-5 minute talk. For the first 4 weeks it can be in English but after that it has to be in Spanish. The Branch President then randomly picks 2 people to speak each Sunday. I haven't been chosen yet.

When I got to the MTC, I received Spanish editions of the Book of Mormon and Bible, Preach My Gospel, a dictionary, a book that has phrases and vocab for each section of Preach My Gospel. I bought a book that has 300 verbs and has them conjucated in all the different forms, and I bought a Spanish hymn book since we have to sing all the songs in Spanish for class and sacrament meeting. Cheryl C. Lant the General Primary President came and spoke to us. It was a really good devotional.

On Wednesday during class when we were practicing Spanish, one of the Elders in my district named Elder Johnson said, "I feel like a snail, tied to a rock, trying to climb up a wall." It was really funny. My distict has a hard time keeping our laughter in during really innapropriate times. Laughing has been hard to control even during prayers when the wrong Spanish word is used or while listening to others teach a lesson--we couldn't help it when the some sisters were practicing giving a lesson in Spanish to our teacher. We just all like to laugh a lot.

On Thursday while waiting in line for food I talked to an Elder Conder who is going to Germany and I found out that he is related to the Yardleys. So that was cool. On Saturday a guy who used to work at Baileys named Stephen delivered some cookies to an Elder in my district who is friends with him.

On Sunday I watched the First Precidency Christmas Message and saw Brother Russon from our stake singing in the Tabernacle Choir. It was really good and I liked the songs that were sung. Thank you for the sweater vest and for the Christmas decor. I've been decorating my room all day. Please send my ab roller wheel and that black jump rope in one of the drawers in the laundry room. WRITE MORE PLEASE! I WANT TO HEAR WHAT EVERYONE DOES EVERYDAY! Please! I Love you all and please stay safe.