Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Arrival in Costa Rica

Hurray I'm in Costa Rica finally! I've only been here for one day and I love it and I never want to leave! Haha! So Monday morning at 1:00 my flight left from Salt Lake. I sat in the very back next to Elder Romney, Sangster and Whittier. It was really hard to sleep and I only got an hour of sleep for the 3 hour flight. After we landed in Atlanta I ate at McDonalds. It was the first real food that I had since leaving the MTC. After I ate I went to my gate and tried to get some sleep cause I was super tired, but it was really hard so I just sat there for an hour while we waited to board the plane.
After getting on the plane I fell asleep finally. I slept through takeoff for about an hour and a half. When I woke up I had to fill out some forms for customs and stuff like that. The flight to Coasta Rica was 4 hours long but after I got some sleep I felt a lot better. As we were landing in Costa Rica there was a lot of turbulance and Elder Romney almost threw up. He has been having some problems with his eyes. And he got kinda sick on the plane. After we landed we went through immigration and customs without any problems and Elder Romney threw up in a garbage can.
After all that we walked out of the airport and President Galvez, his wife, and the AP's were there to greet us. We loaded all our stuff into a van and drove to the temple. The temple is super cool and we took some pictures there (which I will email to you on P-day which is Monday) After that we drove to the AP's home and they let us sleep for a couple hours. It was way cool cause I thought they were going to make us start contacting immediatly. After my nap we ate Subway, my first meal in a foreign country. Then we chilled for awhile and talked to Elder Lee who is one of the AP's He is really cool! His companion, Elder Rogler actually went home today along with 6 other Elders. They spent the night in the same house so there were a lot of people.
After chilling for a while Elder Rojaz, who is Elder Lee's new companion took Elder Brazington and me out to do some contacting. It was super fun and we talked to a few people. I didn't understand a thing they were saying, but Elder Rojaz would tell me what to talk about and I did the best I could to tell them about the gospel. We talked to one guy for like 20 minutes about the restoration and prophets it was super cool. Then we went back to the house and got ready for bed. I wrote in my journal and then went to bed.
This morning we all went to President Galvez's house and ate breakfast. I had waffles, cereal, fruit--watermelon, pineapple and papaya. It was super cool. President Galvez and his wife are super awesome!! Today we are going to do interviews with President Galvez and then do a little training. Tomorrow I get my trainer, travel to my area and start working. I'm so excited!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!