Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Area: Santo Domingo

Hello Everyone! Sorry I didn't email yersterday, but I had to go do some things to make myself a resident of Costa Rica. So first of all my companion's name is Elder Zavala and he is from Honduras. He can speak a little English so that is good! My first area is Santo Domingo which is a city like 30 minutes away from San Jose. It´s pretty cool and very ghetto. My apartment is super small but it´s cool! One family we are teaching live in house made out of wood and sheet metal, but they are super cool. The Dad and the Mom are members and they have a 14 year old daughter who isn't baptized. We are teaching her and she has a baptism date set for in a couple of weeks. We're also teaching a few other families--I don't remember their names because they are in Spanish. Names and directions are going to be the hardest things to learn. Also Spanish will be hard to learn. When we taught our first lesson I kept thinking to myself, "This ain't the language that they taught me in the MTC!" HA HA! Oh well I just need to study more. I read all your emails and I don't know where all the other elders in my district were sent to. Yesterday I did see Elders Whittier and Romney while we where getting our recidency paperwork done. They are both doing good. I know that Elder Whittier is in the Jungle and Elder Romney is in a City. Well I'm doing good and next week I´ll write a more detailed letter and I´ll sent some pictures. I forgot my camera cord. I love you all and have an awesome week! Love Elder Smith