Monday, January 11, 2010

MTC: Week #8 (Last Week!)

Guess what I got my travel plans this past week!!!! I'll finally get to leave this place and never come back. HAHA!! Actually it hasn't been that bad and its gone by super fast. The Spanish is coming along great. Its going to be hard for the first couple of months but by my birthday (or sooner) I hopefully will be fluent. Spanish is a pretty easy language and I'm suprised that all my school teachers were poor at teaching it. Maybe I'll be a Spanish teacher...not!
Here's my travel plans: I leave with the 7 of my district members who are going to Coasta Rica(Me, Duncan, Sangster, Romney, Johnson, Brazington, and Whittier) from the MTC on Sunday night at 8:30pm. Our flight leaves from Salt Lake Airport at 12:50am. Then arrive in Atlanta GA at 6:20am. Then we leave from there at 9:40am and arrive in San Jose at 12:45am. So I'll either call home before we leave Salt Lake or Before we leave Altanta. It'll just depend on how long it takes to get through. Also I hope some good food places are open cause I'm done with the food here. We heard about the attempted attack thing on Christmas so IDK how tight the security will be.
I started packing on Thursday so that I'll be prepared. We are flying on Delta and we can have 2 checked bags and two carry ons. The first checked bag is free but the 2nd is $50 but I have been told we get reimbersed for that. They told us we should have $100 bucks in cash for emergencies and the second checked bag.
So ya, I'm super excited to leave. I love you all and the next time I write you I'll be in a different country. Love Elder Anthony Smith