Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1: Farewell and Transfer

Elder Valverde -- trying to smuggle out some of my goods!
Farewell to Elder Zavala!

Hello Everyone!!
This past week has flown by so fast that if feels like I just wrote you a couple days ago! This has been an awesome week, but also a very sad week. It was my last week with Elder Zavala. He was an awesome companion, trainer and friend and I am going to miss him very much. That being said my new companion is Elder Benitez. He is from El Salvador and has 19 months in the mission. For the last 6 months he has been one of the secretaries for President Galvez. Also another sad thing that is going to happen this week is my area is getting spit into two. There is going to be Santo Domingo and San Rafeal. I have been transfered to San Rafeal. Its fetching sad cause I love Santo Domingo. The members here are super super super awesome and I have had a blast working with them especially the Ward Mission Leader Hermano Douglas. I'm going to miss him a ton!
This week we worked a ton with Elder Javier Valverde--He is a missionary who returned home early from health problems. He knows a lot of people here and so we had a lot of references.
How about you wait until next year to send me a calender. I have marked of everyday Ive been here for 3 and a half months. Which reminds me, yesterday I hit 100 days in the mission. Now only about 630 to go. Sorry this email isn't very long. I'll try to write more in the future. Also I am uploading more pictures on google web album for you to look at--I hope you all have an awesome week! I love you all! Love Elder Smith