Monday, May 3, 2010

It's May!

Dear Everyone, Hola. I hope you all had an awesome week. Its finally May! Hurray! I remember when I was in the MTC thinking to myself, "By the time it´s May, I will be fluent in Spanish!" Well it's May and guess who isn't yet fluent in Spanish...Me. Haha! It´s all good though 'cause I can pretty much understand everything--it´s the speaking that's hard.
So this week has been pretty good. It has rained everyday this week and I love it. I don't think I´ve seen the sun for 10 days--it's awesome!
So last Monday was P-day (I love P-day!) We only had one appointment with a less active member, P. Villalobos. Her husband is Evangelican. Infact, his parents are the pastors of the church so they are like devote Evangelicans. The husband doesn't really like the LDS church because everytime he comes to church, the members and missionaries are always pressuring him to get baptized. So whenever we go over to see them, we just share simple gospel messages. There is a problem with members marrying nonmembers and I don't really understand how people can do that, but oh well. We are working with 3 separate couple where one is a member and the other isn´t and the result of these relationships is the members are now less active members cause they´re not coming to church, and it probably has something to do with the influence of their spouses.
Last Tuesday I hit 100 days in Coast Rica!!! Hurray now only a few more to go... So yah, last Tuesday we had district meeting. I love district meeting because the whole zone meets together in a church and then we split off into our respective districts. My district is way cool--I still have Elder Sorenson in my district. He is super funny and we have become good friends. Also there are some really cool Elders in my zone and so its nice to be able to talk to them every week. Tuesday we had a really good lesson with Adrian and Cynthia. We brought along a member, Hermano Milo Campos (who is another Brother Fraughton). We taught the law of tithing and it was a super good lesson and Hermano Milo helped out a ton. We also found a new family who live by Adrian and Cynthia and they are super awesome--they even came to chuch yesterday.
Last Wednesday we had a lesson with, Olga and her 2 daughters. They had some doubts about the Book of Mormon. They are Evangelical and some of their friends were telling them all this anti-mormon stuff, but I think we cleared up all the false rumors. Here is the love letter that one of the daughters, wrote me. Its super funny and in some parts she tried to use English:
Hello my name is P______ and I hope to know your name soon (we told them that we can't use our names till we leave the area). You are important to me as you are to God and you are a precious jewel in the hand of the Lord. I tell you that I´ve never known a man as neat as you. My family is very good and I am the best. My sister, D_____ is a little conceited (big word for a 13 year old), my mom is very correct, and my dad is a little stupid. And J______ (the other sister) is very hateful when she wants to be. But I am the most beautiful, the most pretty. Good-bye, See you later. So yah, it's the first love letter that I have recieved. Ha Ha!
Last Thursday we had a really good lesson with a new contact, Jose and Andrea. We taught them the first lesson and they were both really receptive. Jose has had some problems with drinking but he wants to quit. Also we had another really good lesson with Adrian and Cynthia. Adrian has been reading the Book of Mormon from the begining and is able to share with us his feelings about Nephi and how he (Adrian) can use those same principles in his own life. I think he is ready to get baptized.
Yesterday was Sunday and at church, it was fast and testimony meeting. We brought two investigators to church, the couple that I mentioned above--Jose and Marianela. Hermano Milo Campos went to pick up Adrian and Cynthia to bring them to church in his mini van but for some reason they weren't home. It was a good testimony meeting and Jose and Marianela really liked it.
So I hope you all have a good week and I´m excited to call you next Sunday. There are gringo members in my branch and they have a phone service where you can call the states for free so I am probably going to use that. I will probably call in the afternoon because our church is at 9:00 a.m. So have a fun week. Elder Smith