Monday, June 14, 2010

A Week of Bad and Good News

Dear Everyone, So first the bad news, my camera broke. We were at a members house and one of the daughters was taking a picture and another daughter was dancing around and she knocked the camera out of the other daughter's hands and it broke. We are going to the temple on wednesday and I wanted to take pictures. Also we have some baptisms coming up on the 26 of June, I´ll talk about them in just a second. So the same thing happened to my companion and he got a camera in Heredia for like 60 mil, $120, which is a good deal cause here all the electronics are way overpriced, but there are tons of places in Heredia that have used ones. I don't really care if its used, just as long as I can take pictures. So I was thinking that if you put money in my account I could buy one tomorrow or on Wednesday before we go to the temple. Yeah this week I had bad luck with things breaking. I broke a light bulb and the toilet seat, so thats why I checked my bank account cause we´re not supposed to use mission money to replace things we brake.
Now for the good news about the work--this week was really good. Also I forgot to tell you guys that last Sunday I taught the Principles of the Gospel class that we have for our investigators all by myself in Spanish. It was way awesome. So yeah, this week we have been working really hard with the investigators that we have.
First Hans and Francini: We have been working with Francini a lot because she likes to drink coffee, but on Saturday it was kind of funny because we went and visited them and she was telling us that every time that she drinks coffee she always thinks about us and she also feels guilty. We told her that is the spirit telling her that she needs to stop drinking coffee. If she can stop drinking coffee, we are going to baptize them on the 26th. YAY!!!
Sergio: We have been teaching him in the house of a member and its going really good. Its kinda hard to teach him because he forgets stuff easily, but he has the desire to be baptized and change his life for the better. The only thing he needs to do is stop drinking coffee, but he is willing to do it. We also have a date set for him on the 26th.
Jose and Melania: We have been teaching them for a long time and the only thing they have to do to be baptized is get married. The only problem is that they are from Nicaragua and usually they would have to go back to Nicaragua to get married or become legal citizens here in Costa Rica but there is a lawyer from the church who can get them married and all he needs is their passport. We are going to help them pay for the wedding, I talked to President and he says its okay if we help pay a little. My companion and I are going to pay 20 dollars each and Jose y Melania are going to pay the other 40 dollars -- that will happen next month.
So yeah we are working really hard and I Love you all!!! Elder Smith