Monday, June 7, 2010

Zone Conference

Dear Everybody, Hey how's everyone doing? I hope you all had a good last week of school. Now its summer vacation, YAY!!!!!!!! Guess who doesn't have summer vacation this year (or next year)... me YAY!!!!!!!!!! So hope you all have a good summer and that all of you get in shape.
So this week has been pretty busy. On Tuesday, I had to wake up at 3:30 a.m. to be in San Jose by 6:00 a.m. so that I could do stuff to get my residency here in Costa Rica. It was fun though 'cause all the Elders from my MTC district were there. So that took all morning long and afterwards I was super tired. Then on Thursday we had Zone conference with 3 zones, my Zone Alajela, Zona Atlantica and Zona Toyopan. I love Zone Conference 'cause I get to spend time with all the cool Elders in my Zone and also President and Sister Galvez always give a good lesson. Also there is really good food there too. It lasts all day so its like another P-day, yay!
So we have some really cool investigators right now. I think I mentioned Hans and his family--they are super awesome. Hans is a way awesome guy who is super ready to be baptized. His wife Francini is also really cool too. She just has a problem with the coffee so we are working with her on that. We have a baptism goal for them on the 26 of June. Also we have a new investigator who is awesome too. He is a referral from one of the members here and he has come to church the past two weeks. He is really timid but way cool and we are going to put a baptismal date for him on the 26 of June also. Also we are working with a less active family and trying to reactivate them--they have a 9 year old daughter who isn't baptized. So we have the possibility of having 4 baptism this month.
Also we are working on trying to get the members to do their Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching 'cause not very many people do it here and I´ve heard that it's a big problem here in Costa Rica. In my area there are a ton of less active or inactive members and we have found that one of the reasons why they became inactive is that none of the members ever visited them. So thats another thing we are working really hard with.
Also this week I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish and now I'm reading it again. This time I'm marking specific things as I read. First I'm marking all the scriptures about Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End. Also I'm marking everytime it mentions one of the names of Christ. So yeah, that's what I´ll be doing for the next couple of weeks. Also I´ll start sharing scriptures that I like every week.
Well I hope you all have a wonderful summer vacation, I know I will!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! Love Elder Smith