Monday, August 9, 2010

Splits with Elder Jelalian

Elder Vellejo has been an AWESOME companion
Elder Jelalian and me
The Gringo Club!

Hey Everyone!!! So this week has been really fun! First, I did divisions three days with Elder Jelalian while our companions were in a conference with President Galvez. Elder Jealian has only about 5 months in the mission so he is still learning the language so I pretty much did all the talking in all our lessons. It was a good experience and I learned a lot. It was so much fun being with a fellow American and we would spend the night just talking. It was so much fun!!! 
So this week we also have two baptisms! YAY!!!! Trixie and Stephani are going to be baptized on Saturday! Trixie is 9 and I've told you but we are working on reactivating her family for the past month and they have all been coming to chruch so that's good. Stephani is 8 and we are also working on reactivating her family. Her brother, Andrez, was going to be baptized on Saturday too, but he asked us if he could have another week to get prepared. So he will be baptized next week.
Also we put 2 baptismal goals this week! We recieved a refferal from a member family that lives in Heredia. They have a maid named, Sophia, whose 3 children are members of the church, but she and her husband, Osker, aren't. So we traveled to Heredia to teach Sofia a couple times and she had also gone to church with her husband in Heredia a couple times. On Saturday we went to their house which is in the mountains, part of our area is in the mountains and it gets pretty cold up there somethimes, I love it. So we took a 30 min. bus up the mountain and we met Osker at the bus stop and then we walked for about another 30 min. to get to their house. It took forever! So when we got there Sofia had to leave for work so we only got to talk with Osker and we found out that he has had problems with smoking and drinking and he really wants to change his life around and he really liked the church and he wants to learn more. So we talked about repentance and baptism and we set a baptismal goal with him for the end of the month.
After the lesson we walked another 30 min. waited for about 30 min. for the bus and then took a 30 min. bus ride to get home but it was worth it. So after we put the goal with Osker we were like "why don't we go to Heredia and put one with Sophia". So we went to Heredia and we told her about the goal and she was very excited. Then we asked her questions about the church and what she thought and she pretty muched talked the whole time. I think I said about 3 sentences and my comp said like 5 and the rest of the time she just talked and told us how she felt. We asked her if she thought Joseph Smith was a true prophet and if the Book of Mormon is true and she told us that she wouldn't have let us into her house if she didn't think it was true. She also told us that she wants to be baptized and so we put a baptismal goal with her too. It was way cool!!! The said thing is that this will probably be my last week in San Rafael cause transfers are next week and I think I'm going to have transfers. I even had a dream about it!! So we will see what happens. I love you all and I hope you all have a good week. Also summer vacation is almost over so enjoy going back to school. HAHA!!!
Love Elder Anthony Kent Kohkonen Smith
p.s. Oh yeah, the reason why blue eyes are a curse is 'cause for some reason this week there have been a ton of random girls walk past me and say, "Oh you have really pretty eyes", or "Oh your eyes are so blue". Haha its funny, but I can't do anything with these compliments. Oh well, only about 15 months to go!