Monday, November 1, 2010

I Don't Think I've Ever Eaten So Much In My Life!

Dear Family,
I hope you all had a good week! Well this week was pretty cool because now I am 20 years old. So my birthday was pretty good, but the only thing was I didn’t get my package, but if it has arrived I will get it on Thursday because we have zone conference. What really made my birthday awesome was I bought a guitar (thanks Nana and Papa K.) and when I bought it I realized that I don’t remember how to play anything so I’m going to print of some stuff and start practicing.
Well Friday we just visited some members and they said Happy Birthday to me and then after we went to the church to talk with the bishop and there was a young women’s activity and they had hot dogs so I ate two of them. Then when we went home and I orderd a pizza from Papa Johns and ate the whole entire thing. Then Saturday morning I went to do a couple of baptismal interviews for the elders in my district (my first baptismal interviews and let me just tell you that it was awesome and I hope to stay DL or ZL the rest of my mission so I can do baptismal interviews because it was way cool). Anyway, the mother cooked us a really big breakfast. Then in the afternoon there was a garage sale in our ward and there was also food so I ate more pizza. Then at night a family had invited us to come over for dinner for my birthday so I ate a bunch of chicken and rice. Then Sunday we ate lunch with a member family. In the afternoon we made pupusas with a member family and I ate a few of those. Then at night, Arturo invited us over for dinner and cake and ice cream because he was gone on friday and missed my birthday, but he bought me a cake. So right now I have about a weeks worth of food sitting in my stomach and I don’t think I’ve ever been so full in my entire life. But it was a fun birthday!
So this week has been pretty good and we are probably going to have a baptism this week. Pablo is doing super good and wants to get baptized, but he wants to make sure about it so he is going to be praying and asking if he should do it this week, but I think he is ready. Also this week we put 5 baptismal goals with a family that we have been teaching for awhile. They are Jose and Mauren (husband and wife) Abby, Jose David, Cheralin (siblings of Mauren). They have been taught all the lessons and they all want to get baptized so we are pretty excited about that. For the month of November we have a baptismal goal of 7 and I really hope we make it because the goal for my district is 9 and the goal for the zone is 19. So I have about half of the goal for the zone riding on my shoulders so I’m kind of nervous, but I have faith that we can do it.
Also next week is changes and I am pretty sure that I will be receiving a new companion because President wants missionaries in both Bri Bri and Pavas. Also we are moving into a new apartment this week that is big enough for 4 missionaries and so that will be really cool.
Well I hope you all have an awesome week and I love you all very much!Love Elder Smith