Monday, November 29, 2010

Celebrating Thanksgiving

I ate about 3 helpings of this Turkey meal!
Dear Family, Hey it's good to hear that all is well in the United States of America. Looks like Thanksgiving was fun and just think, next Thanksgiving I will be home. Yay! Actually we had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner. A member, Jario Hernandez, invited us over and we ate a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (I´ll upload the photos).
So this week we had 6 baptisms. Jose, Maureen, Jose David, Abigail, Sherelyn and Pablo all got baptized this week and so that was really cool. I will post the photos from that too.
So this week we had a really fun experience. Elder Sangster came to our area and we were in a trio. During lunch, he asked my companion how many families that he wanted to contact that day. He said 5 families, kinda joking, but we decided to try and contact at least 5 families. Well, we met the goal and actually we contacted 6 families. It was cool and actually not that hard. So that's going to be the focus for this month, finding new families to teach because we don't have a lot of investigators.
So this letter is short, but I will upload pictures (Mom posts photos regularly to Elder Smith's blog and have the office check on the package.
Love you all, Elder Smith P.S. send more pictures (I want to see what the house looks like)