Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello Everyone,
Hey guess who has a year in the mission... ME!!!!!!! I honestly never thought that I’d make it this far in the mission, but boy has it gone by super fast. I still remember walking into the MTC building like it was yesterday, not really but it has gone by pretty fast. So yah, one more year and I will be able to watch all the TV and movies I want. One more year and I will be able to listen to the music I want (By the way thanks for the CD update Nick, but I already knew about that release. Unfortunately there are some missionaries who aren’t too good at keeping the rules and they tell me about all the stuff that comes out. Also I’ve heard that ADTR comes out with a new CD this week and so in a year I will be listening to that.) So anyway I’m not trunky—it’s just fun to think that in a few days I will be able to wake up every morning and say, “In a year I will be home!”
So this week is going to be super awesome because we are going to have a few baptisms. YAY!!!!! Jose and Mauren are going to get baptized on Wednesday! Elder King and I taught them when I got to Pavas, but we kind of lost contact with them for awhile, but then Jose came to church a few weeks ago and they all want to get baptized. Also some siblings of Mauren moved into their home and they were receiving the lessons from the missionaries where they used to live. Actually, Elder Norr, the other Elder I lived with, was one of the Elders who was teaching them and so that’s really cool.
So this week will be focusing on that and it’s kind of stressful being the district leader. This month, the zone has a baptism goal of 19 and 9 of those goals are coming from my district so I have all the weight on my shoulders—well it feels like that. This week is very important for the district and the zone and so we will see what happens.
Other than that not much has happened. Elder Gomez is super cool and as a trainer I am seeing that I am re-training myself on how to be a missionary and so that’s really cool. Mom I still haven’t gotten my package, but I will talk to the secretaries this week and ask them about the address. Also there are some things that I was hoping you send to me for Christmas. First, a calendar so I can count down the last 52 weeks of my mission. (Ha Ha) Some more socks because I’m starting to get some holes in my socks. Also one of my recent converts, Arturo, was wondering if I could get him the quad, because he speaks English and he wants to have the bible and the triple all in one book. So that would be cool if you could sent a copy for him.
Well Hope you all have an awesome week. Tell Aunt Paulina and the family thanks for the letters! Love Elder Smith