Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 23: Officially 18 Months Out!

Dear Everyone,
Hey so I hope you all had a good week. Thanks for sending me Nick's letter . . . it's good to hear that he is doing ok!!!!!
So this week was really busy with lots of divisions and trying to help the zone out so that we can make our goal. Right now we have 8 baptisms and the goal is 17, but this week we have a lot of possibilities and so we are going to be working super hard this week too. Remember how last week I said that we finally had some new investigators. Well all of them are super cool, but for every single one, there is something that impeeds them from getting baptized this week--which kinda is too bad, but oh well. Franklin, this super cool reference that we got, totally wants to get baptized, but the only problem is that he has to get divorced. Alejandra just gave bith to her baby boy yesterday night and another investigator named Yesenia is in labor right now. The only posibility that we have is Martin to be baptized this week, but he isn't sure if he has to leave town this weekend for work.
So something I'd really like to do for super awesome really awesome converts is give them a triple and the bible after their baptism. Not the hardback or paper back version, but the leather ones that are really nice because it's a lot funner to read your scriptures when they are nice. So this week our ward is going to the temple so I am going to ask someone to pick me up some scriptures so that if and when I do have a baptism, I can already have this gift. So I'm hoping that using the consecrated fund for this is okay. I plan to give them to the adult converts and maybe something smaller for children . . . I will make sure that the scriptures will be for someone who will use and enjoy them!!!!!
Well this is going to be a short letter because I don't have a lot to write about. Some good news is that I completed 18 months in the mission this week so yeah, that's pretty cool!
So I hope you all have a fun week! This is basically the last week of school for ya all since the actual last week of school nothing is done. It's crazy that it's already summer vacation again!!
Well I love you all and I miss you all and I will see you in 6 months!!!! Love Elder Smith