Monday, May 30, 2011

Met Zone Goal!

Look . . . a beautiful flower!
Dear Family, So today I am writing super early because we have a special zone council today. Usually just the zone leaders go, but this time all the district leaders are coming too. This week has been super awesome and it's weeks like these that make me wish that the mission would never end!! So this week, we started out with 8 baptisms as a zone and we ended the week and the month with 19 baptisms in total. We all worked hard this week to meet the goal. Basically from Wednesday to Saturday we did not work in our area. On Wednesday, I went to Siqiurres to do 3 baptismal interviews. On Thursday, I went to Limon to do another interview, but the kid never showed up and my companion traveled a ton to do a few baptism interviews. On Friday, the APs came to visit the zone and so we went with them to other areas. On Saturday, we went to La Rita where they baptized 2 families, a total of 8 people. Basically we made the goal because of this area and so we are really grateful for them. So basically that was my week in a nutshell. It was really crazy but really awesome!
So DAD Happy Birthday to You!!!!!! I hope you have a happy birthday, I hope you cake is really good, only 6 more months till I can eat an ice cream cake again. I also hope you go to a really cool restaurant to eat really good food! So this is the last week of school! This school year has gone by really fast and I hope you all have a really good summer. Julia only one more week until you come to Costa Rica! I hope you have lots of fun!!! So yesterday during church, I was reading my Patriarchal blessing and I found something new that I had never noticed before. It mention faithfulness about 12 times, either me being faithful, being blessed for my faithfulness, helping others be more faithful or people looking up to me because of my faithfulness. So I was thinking about that all yesterday, about how I can be more faithful as a missionary and as a regular person after the mission. So I love you all and I hope you have a fun last week of school!!! Love Elder Anthony Smith P.S. tell nick that I have like 3 letters for him, but I have had no time to send them so I will do that this week!!