Monday, August 8, 2011

Almost 100 Days Left

Elder Smith enjoying life!
Dear Family and Friends,

It's so good to hear that everyone is fine and enjoying their summer vacation. I am super super tired right now so this letter could be a little short because I'm about to fall asleep. So today we had a zone activity and we went to this really cool waterfall in Ciudad Neily. It was super hot and by the time we got there, I wanted to go swimming so bad just to cool off. Haha funny story, so Elder Sirrines companion, Elder Alfaro fell off a tiny cliff and into the water as we were climbing up the waterfall. Haha it was funny and now he can say that he went swimming. 
So this week was super awesome for many reasons. First I was on divisions with Elder Sirrine for 3 days and we went to San Jose for a Zone Council/ Leadership meeting. I have been going to these meetings for over a year now and it was very good and I did learn some really cool new things. Also on Wednesday after the conference ended, all of the elders that had to travel long distances were sent to others areas to work. I went with Elder Cerato to Garabito. We went to once Barrio called La Leon 13, which is the most dangerous part of Costa Rica and I got assaulted. Ya it was pretty scary and I....... haha just kidding I didn't get assaulted and nothing happened. We just knocked doors and I spent the night talking to two other elders who live in the same house so it was really fun!!! So ya it was a pretty fun week and once again I got to do divisions with  Elder Sirrine. Oh so with BYU, I want to go with one of my friends, Elder Montierth and room with him. He doesn't finish the mission until March and is going to start in the summer semester. So I was thinknig that I could work until then and maybe take some night classes or something. So I hope you all have a really good week and please stay safe for me. Nick have fun completing 3 months in the mission and I will have fun beginning my 100 day countdown! Love, Elder Anthony Smith