Monday, February 21, 2011

I Saw the Ocean

Elder Malen, Paola, and Elder Alvare
Preparing for the Baptismal Services

Elder Alvare baptizes Paola 

Elder Smith (me) and Elder Malen
Hey Everyone,
So I don't have much time to write, but this week has been super busy! Elder Lopez and I have been doing divisions with the zone making sure that everyone who can get baptized this month, gets baptized so we can meet our goal as a zone. So I spent part of the weekend in Limon and finally after 15 months in the mission I saw the ocean!!! Also I saw some members of our stake in Centerville! It was super crazy, because I was inside sewing a hole in my pants and a couple of elders were outside and then one of them told me to come outside and I see these Gringos who look really familiar and they asked me what stake I was from in Centerville. I said the Centerville North in the Chase Lane ward and they are from the Willow Wood ward. The only problem is I don't remember their names, but they took some pictures with us and maybe they will call you. One of them is on the Stake High Council and knows Dad! So That was cool!!! Then on Saturday, I saw my first baptism that took place in a river. The Elders in Puerto Viejo don't have a church building and so they have to use the river and I conducted the baptismal interview for the young woman that got baptized! So this week has been pretty cool!!!
Today we had a fun P-day too!!! There is a member in Siquirres whose husband owns this pineapple farm and they live in a jungle part of the area and so they showed us around and we also got to see this really cool river and I took some pictures so I will upload them right now so you can see what this part of Costa Rica looks like!!!!
So yeah, that's basically what happened this past week and I hope you all have a great week!!
Love Elder Smith