Monday, February 7, 2011

ZL Work

Beautiful Pococi -- this is our church building
My new companion Elder Lopez
Dear Family,
Hey I hope everyone had a good week, sounds like it was really cold in Utah this week . . .  well here in PococĂ­ it is a different story. The weather here is very unpredictable. For example in the morning it will rain and then it is very hot around mid afternoon and when the sun goes down it is fresco . . . I always have to make sure that I have my umbrella or I could get wet. Oh and I'm sorry I forgot to mention that my new companion is Elder Lopez. He was actually my Zone Leader in La Sabana with Elder Sangster so I know him really well and he is cool and we get along really well. Um well so far being a ZL isn't too hard, I just have to make a lot of phone calls and Sundays are long because we wake up a 5 am and we have to do numbers for the week and so that takes a long time, but last night I got to bed at 11:45 and so that wasn't too bad.
Last Thursday we had Zone Council so we had to go back to San Jose, another 2 hour ride through the mountains. There is a huge difference in climate between where I am and San Jose. San Jose is cold and dry and Pococi is hot and humid. Zone Council was fun and I didn't really have to do anything because I only had a day being ZL. It's cool because Elder Sangster, Romney, Whittier and I are ZLs and Elder Johnson and Duncan are DLs and so my MTC group is doing pretty good here in the mission and pretty soon we could all be ZLs.
This coming week we have a Zone meeting with President Galvez and that should be fun and then I will probably be doing divisions for the rest of the week, getting to know some investigators and I will probably do a couple baptism interviews.
Next week we are going to the temple!!! YAY!!!! Every zone goes about once every 3 months and so I got lucky and get to go twice in one month. So next week I will write home on Wednesday and not Monday.
Mom, about the questions you gave me about what Nick should take. The shoes I took on my mission are ecos brand--DO NOT TAKE THIS BRAND OF SHOE  . . . especially if you are going to be doing a lot of walking. You will see what my shoes look like when I get home. Don't worry I have another pair so I will be good, but take Dr. Martin or Dr. Sholes, I don't remember what they are called. My luggage has held up pretty good, still no rips or tears. Make sure Nick that your clothes fit you!!!! Remember how I went into the MTC a litttle chunky and I gained a lot of weight in the MTC. Well that all fell off when I got here and so my clothes are a little baggy and so make sure your clothes fit. Don't think Nick will have too much of a problem because he is a stick. Do Not Take A shoulder bag!!!! Take a regular backpack! My back hurt with a shoulder bag and I didn't like it at all. I use a backpack now and it is so much better. So take a nice backpack!!!! Also make sure you have plenty of socks and garments!! Well I hope you all have a great week and I will write you again next Wednesday!!!!
Love Elder Smith